Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Vegas

Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Vegas

1 426,00 €

This 2019 Duotone Vegas is made to boost during jumps and kiteloops. It offers a huge lift with superior control, hooked or unhooked. You can ride the Duotone Vegas with a small click bar, in combination with a 5th line / 6 line upgrade.


Freestyle C-Kite

Sick slack and pop

Perfect for kiteloops

Different settings

Suitable for riding on 5 or 6 lines

Tweaked to give you the best wakestyle sensation

Kite dydis


The New Vegas is ready to offer you the most epic freestyle sensation of the moment! Now by Duotone kiteboarding, but the nature of this beast has remained unchanged. The Vegas is the choice and the signature model of 5x world champion and 2x king of the air winner Aaron Hadlow. Designed to excel in wakestyle and freestyle.

The Vegas is the most sold C-kite ever. This is a kite for advanced riders, who want to go faster and higher than everyone else. The ferrari among kites that have brought Lasse, Gijs, Lewis, Ruben and Aaron to the top of the King of the Air. 11 years of development has made the kite better then ever. The kite has been redesigned with a new panel pattern. In addition, the Leading Edge tension to the struts has been optimized.


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