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Mitu Pro Bamboo

799,00 €

Accesories Included:
"Futures Boxes x3

 Futures Fins F4 437 (Thruster set)

Foot Strap Deck Inserts

Tail Pad"

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MITU Pro Bamboo

Much more than an icon and a best-seller, the Mitu Pro Model is first and foremost Mitu’s board, and this means one thing: the board is always at the top of its game, year after year, just like the man himself.

· Excellent in waves AND freestyle

· Intuitive and playful in ALL conditions

· Available FOR everyone! (3 construction standards x 5 sizes = 15 boards to choose from!) 

Mitu is very meticulous and involved when it comes to his Pro Model. There are no shortcuts when he is testing. His approach is fueled by a lot of curiosity and an acute ability to analyse how the board works. Totally focused from day one, he invests all his experience into the tests. Offshore, side-off, onshore, Ponta Preta, Kite-Beach, surfing, jumping, the board has to fulfil the dreams of what Mitu needs, it rips in all conditions.


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