ION 2019 - Hidrokostiumas BS Onyx Amp Steamer SS 2/2 NZ DL

297,00 €
Hidrokostiumų dydis
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Product information "2019 ION Onyx Amp Steamer SS 2/2 NZ DL"

The Amp level represents exceptional performance especially in terms of stretch. Besides, ION’s brand-new and incredibly flexible inside lining Hotstuff 2.0 in combination with the toasty warm Plasma_Plush on the backside ensure an optimal level of heat retention and flex. Featuring our sophisticated Ninja_Knee construction supported by ION’s Maki_Tape, we enlarged the back panel of this suit reducing its weight ever so slightly, and increased the area of plushy lining.     "Toasty Warm:Quick drying Plasma_Plush combined with Hot_Stuff 2.0 for the best combination of warmth and stretch.



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