Trapecijos ION 2020 - Trapecija Kite Waist Nova 6

ION 2020 - Trapecija Kite Waist Nova 6

202,00 €

ION Kite Waist Harness Nova 6 2020

The Nova 6 is an advancement of ION's best seller and convinces with ION's proven harness design. For further improvement of this model, ION added a unique 3D Curv_Spine. The high outline provides optimal back support. Additionally, the design features controlled stiffness in the center with flexible side parts, resulting in a perfectly balanced harness. With a flex index of 6, it is one of the softer models of ION's product range and turns out to be a real all-around talent. The Nova 6 includes ION's popular C_Bar as well as Kite_Knife on top.

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Fully_Moulded EVA Complete mould, no water absorption

Inside EVA Internal EVA construction for optimised comfort

C_Bar Fiber reinforced injection material with a modular exchangeable metal hook.The tension lever tightens the harness without changing the buckle settings.


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