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Prekės ženklas



  • 749,00 € - 3 079,00 €

Jėgos aitvarų dydis

Jėgos aitvarų dydis

Jėgos aitvarai (Kite)

Jėgos aitvarai. Kite'ai. Popuiarėjanti ekstremalaus sporto šaka. 

Jėgos aitvarai (Kite)

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Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Best Roca V3

Best Roca V3

755,37 € Kaina
The Roca is a wind range machine! From lightest breeze to the fiercest hurricane, a two kite quiver allows you to face any condition. You will shine in them. Going upwind was never easier, you can fully concentrate on jumping higher than ever while enjoying the incredible hang time for some old school moves. * This image is a visual reference. Kite colors may vary, and they are randomly chosen.
4 807746
Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) TS V8


864,46 € Kaina
For edition number eight we have re-engineered our most loved crossover high performance kite striking a fine line between progress and tradition. We have moved it to a three strut kite in all sizes, reducing weight and increasing turning speed. * This image is a visual reference. Kite colors may vary, and they are randomly choosed.
1 689607
Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Bandit 2020

Bandit 2020

1 250,00 € Kaina

The legendary kite is back once again, and this year the smaller sizes have a focus on big air and kite loops.  New outline: Featuring squarer tips for more maneuverability Incredible Top End: Get total control in high winds Improved stability: Well behaved no matter what the conditions Ride for longer: Lateral pull turned to forward energy Powerful kite loops: The turning arc is always predictable, the speed back to the zenith is fast and clean

1 155961
Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Dice

Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Dice

1 307,00 € Kaina

The Duotone Dice is designed for freestyle kiters who want a bit more depower than a pure C-kite like the Vegas. The Dice has a responsive character which makes it suitable for freestyle and jumps, but also waveriders can handle the Dice perfectly.

Freestyle kite

Very strong construction

Now by Duotone

Powerful, snappy, predictable and versatile

Some upgrades compared to last year

2 688575
Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Neo

Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Neo

1 535,00 € Kaina

Duotone Neo 2019


The high-performance pure wave-riding kite, securing Airton Cozzolino and Matchu Lopes 3x World Champion titles, impressing with incredible handling and excellent drifting capabilities that can also perform for freeriding and foiling.

3 414113
Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Vegas

Duotone 2019 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Vegas

1 426,00 € Kaina

This 2019 Duotone Vegas is made to boost during jumps and kiteloops. It offers a huge lift with superior control, hooked or unhooked. You can ride the Duotone Vegas with a small click bar, in combination with a 5th line / 6 line upgrade.


Freestyle C-Kite

Sick slack and pop

Perfect for kiteloops

Different settings

Suitable for riding on 5 or 6 lines

Tweaked to give you the best wakestyle sensation

4 681547
Jėgos aitvarai (Kite) Duotone 2020 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Vegas Hadlow Edition

Duotone 2020 - Kite (Jėgos aitvaras) Vegas Hadlow Edition

1 545,00 € Kaina

The Duotone Vegas Hadlow is the most desired C shaped performance kite on the market, the choice of wakestylers, freestylers, big air junkies and champions! The king of the C-kites is still the choice of our pro team when it comes to freestyle, wakestyle and big air competitions. One of the most stable and predictable kites for looping, you’ll find it flying through the air in South Africa with Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern and Lasse Walker underneath it. 8 out of 16 competitors chose it as their weapon of choice for the King of the Air.