Red Bar - Cork Edition Red Bar - Cork Edition 2

Red Bar - Cork Edition

598,95 €
Get the most out of your TS or Roca with the Best Red Bar. The efficient front-line safety system, the proven Iron Heart IV Quick release system and our extremely strong 22 meter lines make it the safest bar you could possibly ride with. Equipped with durable and eco-neutral Portuguese cork, Best Kiteboarding decreases the amount of plastic, creates a...
Barai Black Bar GPV6
  • Šiuo metu neturime
Šiuo metu neturime

Black Bar GPV6

302,50 €
The Black bar with its loaded fifth line is fine tuned to match the incredible freestyle performance of the GP. It is super tough, safe and designed for handle passes and kite loops. Use it to have the kite rip you brutally from the water’s surface to spit you into unknown heights. This bar is not compatible with the ROCA or TS. It is only compatible with...
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