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[elementor-template id="14477"] For the Armada X we’ve taken all the experience of a decade and made meaningful progress. The Armada X is a result of our continuous improvement efforts. From a technical point of view the Armada delivers what you expect. It remains to be your weapon of choice when looking for a board with advanced freestyle and freeride capabilities and will be your trusted versatile companion for reaching your next level. For the Armanda X we’ve been able to further reduce weight making it one of the lighests boards in the market while being absolutely bomb proof allowing you to also ride this boards with boots. We are introducing an industry leading concept for customizing your own Armada. We’ve developed a unique direct digital printing technique allowing you to make this you Armada! You can send us any design following our instructions and we will make this your unique Armada. No inspiration? Choose one of our many stock designs made for you. Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Tarifa brings you European top technology tested in Mecca of Kitesurfing. Choose the right size: 131 x 40 cm for riders between 40 – 65 kg ( board weight 2.5 kg ) 135 x 41 cm for riders between 60 – 85 kg 138 x 42 cm for riders between 65 – 95 kg 140 x 43 cm for riders between 70 – 105kg Board Weight ( without Pads - Straps - Fins ) 131 = 2.5kg 135 = 2.6kg 138 = 2.6kg 140 = 2.7kg Add our 45 mm G10 fiberglass fins and our trusted Prime pads and straps that enhance comfort and control.
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